Talk To God … What Does This Mean?

In Genesis God created Man, and we read that God walked and Talked with Adam in the Garden of Eden from the very beginning.  God created Man to have a relationship with us… His most prized creation.  He even understood that Man needed his own companion in the World, so he created the Woman for that purpose.

But…God did not intend for either Man or Woman to become independent of Him and no longer need or desire to Talk To God.  God also created us to have the choice to love, obey, serve, and worship Him.  He wanted us to understand the value of what an ongoing relationship with Him means to our existence, not only in this life but to our very soul throughout eternity.

In our Modern World we as mankind have moved far away from our God ordained destiny.  We see God as a figure in any number of various religions, that have emerged throughout the centuries to try to satisfy the void that is there without our Creator or “Greater Power” as some have coined it.  While we still have a percentage of People in our World that understand the importance of a relationship with God, and his plan for our lives, the greater number of people on earth have settled for a “Religion” instead of a relationship that gives us the privilege and right to Talk To God.  These religions, are simply various forms of spiritual compromise while living in a culture they choose to embrace outside of Gods plan.  These religions are integrated in to every culture, with very little emphasis on a true relationship with God, and his Son Jesus.

So… now we are beginning to see the World in all of it’s chaos, beginning to crumble, and move far away from what our creator had in mind for us when he “made us in his own image”…

How do we get back to that relationship as when God walked and Talked with Adam in the Garden of Eden? 

We start by humbling our selves before God, and making an individual choice to have a true relationship with Him.  We accept the gift of salvation from our sin nature, ask him for forgiveness,  and allow  the spirit of God through Jesus and his blood sacrifice… to begin to dwell in us on a daily basis.  We start by learning how to Talk To God, and ask him to reveal himself to us and his perfect plan for each of our lives.  We then simply use the Word Of God to guide us through our entire lives while we are here on Earth.

If you make this commitment today… You will never be the same again tomorrow.  A loving God is desperately trying to get our attention.  Everyone can Talk to God.  The questions are…does He hear and does He respond?

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